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2019 Welcome to our Powder Lodge

Powder Lodge Ski

Is located in the Chilean Andes, Farellones area at 7500 feet over sea level , close to Santiago Chile only 1 hour away from the International Santiago´s airport This comfortable, modern, high-country ski lodge is situated in a fantastic , breathtakingly beautiful alpine basin overlooking the Majestic Andes Mountains that go up to 18.000 feet at this area, and its close to the 3 skiing centers in the region Valle Nevado-El Colorado y La Parva.

The area is blessed with an average snowpack of over 3 metres (10 feet) and an unlimited variety of treed and open terrain suitable for all levels of ability. All our skiing areas already have by now 5 feet powder snow, and the skiing and snowboarding is fantastic. Heliski, Helisnowboarding and all sort off extreme skiing and snowboarding are at your grisp.

There is always room for begineers ,experts and medium skiers and snowboarders and the atmosphere and rides are considered to be one of the best possible in all southern hemisphere skiing and snowboarding areas. You can even go a bit more south of Chile and ski or snowboard on living Volcanoes and great views skiing places.

Powder Lodge:: through Bed and Breakfast